AGMA Ratifies One-Year Agreement with Opera Philadelphia

Published June 22, 2022   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The new one-year agreement between AGMA and Opera Philadelphia was ratified by AGMA leadership, after being overwhelmingly approved by the shop. This is a Memorandum of Agreement and negotiations begin in 2023.

Highlights include:

  • 3% increase in compensation, per diems, and overtime
  • Commitment to begin 2023 negotiations at the MOA rates
  • Commitment to continue monthly Joint Labor-Management Committee meetings
  • Contractual recognition of OP’s racial equity work, commitment to include AGMA Artists in ongoing work of EIC (Equity and Inclusion Committee); agreement that monthly JLMC meetings will address equity issues, such as recruitment, selection, retention, mentorship, training, advancement, and accessibility

Thank you to the negotiating committee and congratulations on this one-year agreement!