AGMA Receives AFL-CIO Charter

Published March 10, 2021   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The American Guild of Musical Artists received a direct charter from the AFL-CIO this morning at the AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting.

Previously, AGMA was affiliated with the AFL-CIO and its Department for Professional Employees (DPE) through its membership in the Associated Actors and Artistes of America (4As). Receiving a direct charter is a distinguished honor for AGMA, as this formal association with the national federation of labor unions signifies that AGMA has earned a seat at the table alongside the other major unions fighting for workers’ rights, in the entertainment industry and across all sectors of our country. 

"We are so proud that the talented Artists from AGMA have joined our federation in the fight for working families,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “Over the past few years and most recently throughout the pandemic, AGMA has made substantial progress in their efforts to improve the lives of its members. Their addition to the AFL-CIO will make all of us stronger. Welcome to the family.”

President Trumka presented the charter to AGMA President Ray Menard and National Executive Director Len Egert.

“Receiving a direct charter is a major highlight to what has been a tremendously difficult year for AGMA, and for all of our performing arts colleagues across the globe,” said President Menard. “As President of AGMA, I am honored to be here as witness to this proud moment in our union's history. As an AGMA member, I am excited to learn what the next chapter will bring us as part of the AFL-CIO. Thank you.”

This marks another important step in AGMA’s march toward modernization and becoming a more powerful union. This charter will help the union better represent its members through its own individual voice. AGMA will be in a much better position to push for the priorities that uniquely affect its members.

“We are joining and harnessing the collective power of an increasingly active labor movement,” said Len Egert, National Executive Director. “Like our sister unions, AGMA is a national union that represents members all over the country. So, to become a full-fledged part of the AFL-CIO, is a truly humbling acknowledgment of all the hard work AGMA has done over the last few years to become a major player in the entertainment industry. We couldn’t be happier.”