AGMA stands in Solidarity with Arts Teachers, Staff at the Chicago High School for the Arts

Published May 17, 2022   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

AGMA supports Arts teachers and office staff in Chicago in their quest to join the Chicago Teachers' Union (CTU). Academic teachers at the Chicago High School for the Arts have been part of the Chicago Teachers' Union since 2018, but as of yet, the school’s main office staff and Arts teachers (“teaching artists”) – from the voice teachers to the visual arts instructors – have not been permitted by the school to join.

Just under 70% of the Arts teachers/office staff have signed the petition to become part of CTU and they submitted their request to the school’s Board in April, and saw their request rejected!

Every worker should have the right to unionize and improve their workplace - especially one that already has a percentage of unionized workers.

These educators know the power of unions, given that many of them are part of AGMA and other performing arts unions outside of ChiArts. 

The vote is in early June. Let's show our support. Everyone deserves to be Union Strong! 

Read more about this historic organizing drive here.