AGMA stands in solidarity with UAW

Published September 26, 2023   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

AGMA recognizes the strength of shared purpose and the power of solidarity. While our two unions represent two entirely different industries, AGMA and UAW are bound together by a shared commitment to championing the rights and well-being of our members. Every worker deserves fair treatment and pay, respect, safety, and dignity in the workplace.

This Wednesday, the UAW, WGAE, and SAG-AFTRA NY are coming together in support of striking workers. Supporters can join the solidarity picket outside HBO/Amazon HQ in New York between 9:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. ET.

We encourage AGMA members across the country to find a picket line and stand in solidarity with striking workers of the UAW. The AFL-CIO has a “strike map” available on its website. AGMA has created this image that can be printed and used as a sign!

Our presence, our support, and our voices can make a significant difference in the fight for workers' rights and justice. We are all in this together.