AGMA Update: Two Weeks Left to Vote in Constitutional Referendum

Published December 3, 2020   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

There are two weeks left to vote in AGMA’s Constitutional Referendum.

We hope that you will make your voice heard on this important Referendum. On the ballot, which you should have received from Global Election Services via the email address, you will have a choice to vote for either the “Board of Governors Revision” to the AGMA Constitution, the “Petition Amendments,” or neither. Additionally, you will be asked to vote on the Petitioners’ proposal to increase dues by raising and then eliminating the dues cap, along with a temporary reduction in the initiation fee.

The choice is yours to make. In many ways, this vote is a choice between two different visions for our Union. The Board of Governors Revision is forward-looking and will position AGMA for a brighter future. The Petition Amendments seek to divide us based on perceived differences to advantage one group over another. Whatever the outcome, when the voting is over, we will still be AGMA, one union, fighting for all of its members without qualification. We must remain united.

The Board of Governors Revision will make AGMA stronger, more efficient, more inclusive, more equal, and more just. The Revision is a continuation of the progress AGMA has made in recent years – progress that has allowed AGMA to fight for our members during COVID-19.

MAJOR THEMES of the Revision include:

Justice and Equality

Modernization and Legal Compliance

Democracy and Transparency

Every AGMA member, and the public at large, has access to all relevant information regarding the referendum. AGMA encourages all AGMA Artists to take a deep dive into all the resources posted on AGMA’s Constitutional Referendum webpage.

It’s time to vote—and we urge you to vote for the Board of Governors Revision and ask your colleagues to do the same. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing If you did not receive an email prompting you to vote online, you can still do so by visiting the following link.