AGMA’s Western Counsel Hope J. Singer Announces Retirement

Published February 2, 2022   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas
“Leaving AGMA is bittersweet for me,” said Singer. “I have truly enjoyed my time here, largely due to the wonderful team and the amazing members.”

After over 40 years of practicing both public sector and private sector union-side labor law, Hope J. Singer has retired. Singer joined AGMA in 2018 as its Western Counsel.

“Leaving AGMA is bittersweet for me,” said Singer. “I have truly enjoyed my time here, largely due to the wonderful team and the amazing members.”

Hope brought a wealth of experience to her role as Western Counsel, ensuring that AGMA continued to forcefully advocate on behalf of AGMA Artists in opera, dance, and choral fields. She negotiated and administered collective bargaining agreements at a number of AGMA signatory companies including San Diego Opera, Ballet West, Los Angeles Master Chorale, Seattle Opera, Arizona Opera, and Santa Fe Opera.

"Hope is a true believer in unions and workers’ rights,” said Sam Wheeler, the Union’s National Executive Director. “Over the last several years, AGMA has benefited from Hope's knowledge, judgment, and good humor. I enjoyed working alongside Hope as part of AGMA’s professional staff. Hope, we wish you nothing but happiness and relaxation as you begin this next chapter.”

Singer established a career that earned her a reputation for being a tenacious negotiator and steadfast union-side advocate prior to joining AGMA.

After receiving her law degree from Rutgers University, she spent her first seven years of practice as a Field Attorney for the National Labor Relations Board, first in Newark, N.J and then in Los Angeles, CA. Then, she went into private practice as a labor lawyer, became a partner in the law firm, and remained there for over 30 years. During that time, she represented employees in the areas of entertainment, construction, manufacturing, education, and airline.

Singer was a member of the governing Council of the Labor and Employment Law (LEL) Section of the American Bar Association, the Union Co-Chair of the LEL section on Practice and Procedure under the National Labor Relations Act, has frequently lectured at American Bar Association conferences and taught labor law at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles as well as through the Los Angeles Community College District.

Singer’s last day at AGMA was January 31, but she will return on a part-time basis to lead AGMA’s negotiations with LA Opera.

Taking over for Singer is AGMA’s Western Business Representative Tracy Jones. Jones is former AGMA Governor and delegate, and a retired dancer with the Colorado Ballet. She began consulting for AGMA in 2019 and became a full-time member of AGMA’s professional staff in 2020. Since then, she has worked closely with Singer and the Artists of the signatory companies they represented together.

“This work presents a lot of challenges, but I am confident I will be able to seamlessly transition into this role thanks to the Negotiator/Business Rep team system that provides Business Reps with the experience of directly with working with the members and companies,” said Jones, of her promotion. “Thank you, Hope, for your commitment to Artists’ rights in the workplace.”

AGMA extends its gratitude to Hope J. Singer for her years of service to the Union.