AGMAzine Spotlight: Choristers, Actors, and Staff Performers Vice President Helena Brown

Published January 24, 2024   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

In June 2023, AGMA announced the Union's new President, Officers, and Governors. The award-winning Summer 2023 issue of AGMAzine featured interviews with President Ned Hanlon and Officers J. Austin Bitner, Brian August, Helena Brown, Antuan Byers, Eric Ferring, Andres Garcia, Katharine Goeldner, Cameo Humes, and Jennifer Wallace. Now, as part of our AGMAzine Spotlight Series, we will be featuring these union leaders every Wednesday.

Today, we spotlight Helena Brown, AGMA's Choristers, Actors, and Staff Performers Vice President.

“I first ran for the Board two years ago to be a high vibe force for good while constantly being at the table and involved nationally. As your Officer, I will continue to favor action over perfection, seeking opportunities to know our members’ concerns and lived experiences, remain adaptable, and steadfast in creating growth and stability for our union as well as the performing arts industry. You can count on me to put myself on the line, to ask constructive questions, communicate, and be daring. You can count on me to include and seek the input of our most marginalized members, to take intersectional approaches to resolution, to stay on top of the quickly evolving tech advances that affect Artists, and be a calm, yet fierce, ally in any storm. I look forward to serving Us in this capacity! Please do not hesitate to reach out, ask questions, and/or offer feedback. I am opening up times for Zoom chats and phone calls. I am here.”

To read Helena's full interview, check out the Summer 2023 issue of AGMAzine.