AGMAzine Spotlight: Secretary-Treasurer J. Austin Bitner

Published March 13, 2024   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

In June 2023, AGMA announced the Union's new President, Officers, and Governors. The award-winning Summer 2023 issue of AGMAzine featured interviews with President Ned Hanlon and Officers J. Austin Bitner, Brian August, Helena Brown, Antuan Byers, Andres Garcia, Katharine Goeldner, Cameo Humes, and Jennifer Wallace. Now, as part of our AGMAzine Spotlight Series, we are featuring these union leaders every Wednesday.

Today, we spotlight J. Austin Bitner, AGMA's Secretary-Treasurer.

“Having served on area negotiating committees as an AGMA member, I wanted to represent my fellow Artists beyond just our area contracts, so, nearly 30 years ago, I first ran for the AGMA Board of Governors. I have held an Officer position for quite some time now too. I felt it was crucial for my Area to be represented at the leadership level, especially considering that, at the time, the majority of officers were from the NY Area. As Secretary-Treasurer, I will work to ensure AGMA remains on a long-term path of fiscal responsibility as our fellow Officers and Governors work to set the priorities and continue our union’s path of increased member service and representation for all of our Artists.” 

To read his full interview, check out the Summer 2023 issue of AGMAzine.