AGMAzine Spotlight: Staging Staff Vice President Brian August

Published January 31, 2024   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

In June 2023, AGMA announced the Union's new President, Officers, and Governors. The award-winning Summer 2023 issue of AGMAzine featured interviews with President Ned Hanlon and Officers J. Austin Bitner, Brian August, Helena Brown, Antuan Byers, Eric Ferring, Andres Garcia, Katharine Goeldner, Cameo Humes, and Jennifer Wallace. Now, as part of our AGMAzine Spotlight Series, we will be featuring these union leaders every Wednesday.

Today, we spotlight Brian August, AGMA's Staging Staff Vice President.

“I first ran for the Board over two years ago because it was important to me that Staging Staff had someone representing them who was receptive to all issues and who would advocate for necessary change. Coming out of the pandemic, we saw seismic shifts across all performing arts, and it’s critical that we stay on top of the many brewing issues and work collaboratively to solve them. I believe that I’m the right person to unite Staging Staff across the country, which is why I ran for Staging Staff Vice President. As an Officer, I aim to increase protections for Staging Staff across all agreements. Ideally, we will lower the hours, increase minimums, and work on incorporating Directors’ needs more. I hope we can continue to organize more companies, and add Stage Management to more dance companies, given that they have historically not been incorporated into those agreements.” 

To read Brian's full interview, check out the Summer 2023 issue of AGMAzine.