Important Change to the Met AGMA Tentative Agreement

Published June 3, 2021   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

We are writing with an update on the Met/AGMA Tentative Agreement (TA). The Met AGMA Negotiating Committee heard the concerns of the AGMA soloist community, particularly concerning reductions going beyond the term of the agreement. After hearing soloists’ feedback, the Committee returned to the Met and expressed its continued opposition to this part of the Tentative Agreement.

The Met AGMA Negotiating Committee was able to modify the Tentative Agreement in order to prevent reductions in compensation for per performance soloists beyond July 31, 2025. Further, any contracts after that date will not be subject to any contractual reductions. No other changes were made to the TA beyond this major gain, which ensures that soloists’ reductions will not continue past the expiration of the overall agreement.

Any Met Artists in good standing who have not yet voted, or, have already voted and this change impacts their vote, should email

The Negotiating Committee is confident that this is the best agreement that could have been reached with the Met. The date the AGMA Board of Governors will vote on ratification remains June 8, following the end of shop voting on June 7. This change will be reflected on the Ratification Resource Page, which members can access through the MyAGMA portal.