Information on 2022 AGMA Basic Annual Dues

Published December 14, 2021   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

This message was emailed to members in good standing earlier today.

Dear AGMA Artists:

As we continue to live through this challenging time, it is hard to believe the new year is just around the bend. Everyone at the American Guild of Musical Artists is elated and relieved to see the safe return of in-person productions and we are cautiously optimistic about the year ahead. AGMA, alongside our expert medical advisory team, is prepared to continuously monitor the state of the pandemic and will remain vigilant in ensuring safe workplaces for all AGMA Artists.

With the arrival of a new year comes the time to remit your 2022 AGMA Basic Annual Dues. This week you will be receiving your 2022 Basic Dues Statement.

With union approval rates higher than they’ve been in decades, workers are recognizing the great protections and benefits that come with being a part of a labor union. As AGMA Artists and union members, your collective voice has been instrumental in bringing the performing arts back to life and bringing artists back to work safely. Over the last 20 months (and counting), AGMA members have forcefully advocated to maintain standards in pay, benefits and safety. The Union convened an expert medical advisory team for COVID-related safety issues which continues to respond to the changing conditions of the pandemic. We have energized and harnessed the collective power of our membership by establishing member caucuses and working groups. AGMA Artists will continue to gain improvements through negotiations, contract enforcement, grievance and arbitration of disputes as we emerge from this crisis.

To continue to stand together our union must operate at full speed. AGMA’s power comes from both broad member engagement and from the pooled resources of our members in the form of union dues. These resources provide the structure, the staffing, and the organizational independence to support all AGMA members, as you fight to improve your lives and industries. AGMA artists have stood in union for more than 80 years and will continue to do so for as long as opera, dance, and concert work are performed in America.

AGMA also wants to remind you that, in order to participate at all levels of the Union, members must be an active member in good standing (up to date on all payments/installment plans). This means in order to participate/vote/or run as a candidate in union elections, engage in negotiations, vote on contracts, attend caucus or committee meetings, receive many of the email updates, have access to MyAGMA, or complete the Union’s first demographic census (coming soon), you must remain in good standing.

Also, please review your contact information within MyAGMA. The recently revised constitution requires an active email on file. While you are there, please make sure your employment category and geographic area are current, as this will affect your eligibility if you choose to run for in future union Area and/or national elections.

We are here to help you navigate all of this. If you have any questions, please contact AGMA at or the Membership and Member Relations Committee (MMRC) at


Len Egert, National Executive Director