Information on 2023 Basic Dues from AGMA President

Published November 14, 2022   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The following communication from President Ray Menard was emailed to AGMA members in good standing on November 11, 2022.

2023 is right around the corner and with the arrival of a new year comes the time to remit our 2023 AGMA Basic Annual Dues. This week AGMA members will be receiving 2023 Basic Dues Statements. This upcoming year is also an ELECTION YEAR for AGMA! In May 2023, AGMA members will elect National Officers and Governors to represent them on AGMA’s Board of Governors.

In order to participate at all levels of the Union, members must retain good standing status (up to date on all payments/installment plans). This means in order to vote, nominate, or run as a candidate in union elections, engage in negotiations, vote on contracts, attend caucus or committee meetings, receive many email updates, and access MyAGMA, members must remain in good standing.

As a proud, longtime member of our union, it is clear that AGMA is on the rise. An essay in the most recent issue of AGMAzine said it best, “With each new organizing conversation, card signing, and election win; each gathering of members in committees, shops, and caucuses; and each successful, member-driven contract negotiation, AGMA asserts its growing strength in the movement.” This year, AGMA has bargained more than 40 collective bargaining agreements, winning new protections and establishing new industry standards for Artists across the country. AGMA has stood up for our members who have been wrongly terminated, discriminated against, or harassed at work. And we have added new companies to our union, growing our ranks and increasing our influence across the performing arts.

While this progress is heartening, we cannot stop here; our union must continue to grow, increase compensation and protections for our members, and stand up for every AGMA Artist in the workplace. AGMA’s power comes from both broad member engagement and from the pooled resources of our members in the form of union dues. Relying on dues means we rely on each other, which empowers and enables AGMA to stand firm and independent in the representation of our members. These resources, therefore, provide the structure, staffing, and organizational independence necessary to support all AGMA members, as we fight to improve our lives and industries. AGMA artists have banded together in union for more than 80 years and will continue to do so for as long as opera, dance, and concert work are performed in America.

AGMA’s professional staff is here to assist you. If you have any general or dues-related questions, please contact AGMA at or the Membership and Member Relations Committee (MMRC) at For questions regarding the upcoming election, please email

In the months leading up to the election, members will be receiving specific information regarding the election, including how to run for office and how to vote.


Ray Menard, AGMA President