Oregon Ballet Theatre Artists Vote to Join AGMA

Published September 20, 2017   |  By Drew Rosenfeld  |  Post in All Areas

Portland, OR (September 19, 2017) The American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) was officially recognized as the union representing the dancers and stage managers of the Oregon Ballet Theatre.  This recognition comes after a majority of these artists signed a petition requesting AGMA to represent them.  The Oregon Ballet Theatre (OBT) agreed to a voluntary procedure to confirm majority support which was completed last week.

“We are privileged to represent the interests of all the wonderful dancers and staging staff at OBT.  AGMA welcomes this group to our family of professional artists who strive each day to reach artistic heights and their professional goals.  Oregon Ballet Theatre, as the largest ballet company in the state, deserves the professional status that comes with AGMA representation.     We look forward to working harmoniously with management in creating a contract that works for the Artists and the Company,” stated Leonard Egert, National Executive Director of AGMA.

Negotiations for a first contract are expected to commence next month.  OBT Board Chair Nancy Locke stated, “The Ballet is proud of the long, positive working relationship that it has had with the dancers and stage managers, and views their selection of AGMA to represent them as a positive. That relationship was built on mutual respect and trust and having the dancers and staging staff represented by AGMA will strengthen that relationship. Going forward, every member of the OBT family wants the same thing, which is a ballet company that performs excellent and exceptionally artistic work for the community which it serves.”

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