Re-Introducing the AGMA Delegate Portal

Published March 30, 2022   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

AGMA is happy to re-introduce the AGMA DELEGATE PORTAL. This portal requires MyAGMA access.

AGMA Delegates are a vital part of the Union’s presence in the workplace - acting as leaders, organizers, communicators, and resources for all AGMA Artists. AGMA Delegates help make sure our signatory employers are providing a safe and mutually respectful environment and that the hard-won protections of the collective bargaining agreement are followed. AGMA Delegates act as a liaison between the Artists and the management of the company, ensuring productive and respectful working relationships. AGMA Delegates work to bring all shop members together and help create a shared sense of identity as union members.

This new resource hub for AGMA Delegates is a very comprehensive collection of AGMA and general union information. AGMA encourages all members to check out the resources.


1) Log in to MyAGMA

2) From the MyAGMA menu dropdown, select “Delegate Portal.”