[Video] AGMA Delegate Appreciation Day

Published September 16, 2020   |  By Alicia Cook  |  Post in All Areas

Happy AGMA Delegate Appreciation Day!

AGMA has instituted this new day to show our gratitude to our AGMA Delegates, Committee Members, and other Artist Representatives who, year in and year out, do amazing work. This is especially true right now, during these stressful and uncertain days amid the pandemic.

We know the extra hours, emotions, and Zoom meetings our Delegates have logged since March and we would not be able to do any of this important work without them.

For those who might not know, throughout AGMA, the term "Delegate" is synonymous with "Steward." They are leaders, communicators, and a resource to their colleagues. An AGMA Delegate is selected by co-workers within a bargaining unit to represent and defend their interests pursuant to the CBA. The Delegate also serves as a liaison to the Area Committee, the Area Representative, and the National Office of the Union, reporting the concerns, needs, and desires of the Shop, or, in larger companies, the group within the Shop that the Delegate represents.

To those who have served or are currently serving as an AGMA Delegate, thank you for carrying out the duties of this extremely important role–as a representative, a communicator, and an organizer. You are an essential part of this union. AGMA staff has put together this video, because we are so grateful to have you on our team.

Thank you.

In Solidarity,

Len Egert, National Executive Director

Ray Menard, AGMA President