Watch Now: Parents and Caregivers Webinar Hosted by AGMA Staging Staff Caucus

Published March 2, 2023   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

The AGMA Staging Staff Caucus hosted "BUILDING INDUSTRY CARE: An Open Discussion on Parents and Caregivers in Our Field" on Monday, January 23. This was open to ALL AGMA members.

Rachel Spencer Hewitt joined as guest speaker. She is the founder and National Director of Programming, Partnerships, and Resources of the Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL), a national organization that serves as a resource hub, community, and solutions generator for parents in the arts and the institutions who support them.

The presentation was recorded and posted on AGMA’s website (MyAGMA login required). To access the webinar webpage, log in to MyAGMA and select “AGMA Webinars” from the MyAGMA dropdown menu. From there, select "AGMA Caucus Webinars."