Second Rise of DEI Webinar Recording Now Available

Published April 5, 2024   |  By Musical Artists  |  Post in All Areas

In 2022, AGMA partnered with Savanta to conduct the Union’s first demographic census. On Tuesday, March 26, AGMA’s Choristers, Actors, and Staff Performers Vice President, Helena Brown, along with AGMA’s Director of Communications, Alicia Cook, joined Brittany Grant, another recent client of Savanta, for a DEI Panel hosted by Savanta.

“The Second Rise of DE&I” was free to attend and held virtually. Savanta has provided AGMA a recording of the webinar, which members can view on Savanta's website or by logging into MyAGMA and selecting "AGMA Webinars" from the MyAGMA dropdown menu.

Savanta moderated the discussion as Helena, Alicia, and Brittany delved into the inherent issues stemming from systemic biases. They explored strategies to further address and support DEI initiatives, with a particular focus on intersectionality, and discussed their roles in challenging their industries.